The Event

The purpose of the Fashion Business International Congress (CINM) is to advance in the frontiers of knowledge at the creative sector, especially fashion, from two center lines. The first line includes lectures and debates between main professionals, national and international, with extensive experience and industry knowledge in order to identify and describe best practices for success. The second line consists of work, divided into six areas and presented in three ways: articles, case studies, experiments and experimentations.

The audience consists of professionals and students, national and international, from different continents, connected to the field of fashion, management, marketing, advertising, architecture, design and other specialties related to creative businesses.

Originated from the 1st Brazilian Fashion Business Congress held at Parque Lage in October 2011, the Fashion Business International Congress, is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, which in addition to its natural beauty, has a lifestyle admired the world whole, and barn many major fashion brands in Brazil.

Join us in an innovative congress, and enjoy the exchange of experiences and new knowledge for effective management of global fashion companies.

Organização, Apoio e Patrocinadores Instituto Brasileiro de Moda Instituto Brasileiro da Moda